March 28, 2011
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Come, please, and tell me
Why it didn't work out
We were friends, but it blew up
On the very first count

God, if I could just
Turn back the clock
I would change everything I said
Before and after the shock
And I know it's pointless to regret
But it's hard to forget
How I messed up this relationship
Without even knowing
Please, just hate me
It's easier for the both of us
I'd rather you move on
And forget I existed
If I know that you're happy
Then I can live with the pain

Hypocrites or liars
I don't know what we are
I can try to men this friendship
But the fire remains
And you just keep adding the wood
Though I tell you to stop
But you don't change for anyone
Not even yourself
I love you, you're my friend
But I'll never forget
The betrayal that you showed me
In your heart and your head

Tell me if you hate me or love me
I can't tell
But it looks to me today
As if you saw me and fell
I don't understand
Why are you holding out your hand
You make me so unsure
And so insecure
Or maybe that's just me
I know you mean no harm
I know I can't see
The lies have blinded me

Ah, the blindfold is removes
I see my true friend
And no flaws in you
But who am I to say that I'm the same as you
I'm much worse

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