Her Hidden Dealth

March 20, 2011
By Rory7 SILVER, Kanata, Other
Rory7 SILVER, Kanata, Other
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“Live Freaky! Die Freaky!”-billie joe armstrong

I cry for sympathy

I die in empathy

As the pain consumes me
I lie in the agony

Confided in my heart
Trembling in all its entirety

In my dream i lay
Acting in pain

All my self dissolution's
And my apprehensive fears
weigh me down to the last drip of my sanity

The living shout out "Die"
forever in her dreams she'll cry
Abused in her heart unmistakably

With her unsettling debut
With rumours that fill the nights air
They shout"Down with her",
"The blade for sure will be the end of her for sure "

Those dreams become the bittersweet reality
Her reality

With one last tranquil breath
Smiling despite death

As her blood peters out
She cries on in silence for the last time
In a bitter and pathetic attempt at good bye

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