The person I want to to meet

March 20, 2011
If a title wave of pain comes crashing in. Washing away the life you once had. But you can still have smile across your face. Thats a person I want to meet. If tears drown your soul and for once you feel completely alone. But your still willing to help out someone in need. Thats a person i want to meet . If you have been bullied your whole life. Not one person has been on your side. But your still able to greet me with no cry or sigh. Thats a person I want to meet. I don’t wan’t to meet some famous guy. Who has never gotten denied. who has been rich is whole life. and has been only been kind to himself alright. Nor i don’t want meet some women. Who indeed makes some great courageous music. But her lyrics just rhyme and sound catchy to her. She doesn’t really mean them. She has no actually money she wants to spend for someone who needs it. As i search through america no one really fits the character. No Eharmony or facebook can fix this problem with no easy answer. Its almost like i’m a waiting for superman. To come down and be my best friend but in reality i’m just the villein. I’v never done those things. I don't have the money to help people in need. And my emotion is usually happy. And i still don’t always greet people with happiness and caring. So would those great people i’v described really wan’t to meet me?

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