A poem about Spring

March 20, 2011
By annahxox BRONZE, Glen Cove, New York
annahxox BRONZE, Glen Cove, New York
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\"If the world feels cold, make it your business to build fires\"

The Spring, just two weeks ago seemed intangible; a myth
So far fetched and distant, It’s arrival something only to imagine in the midst of the most tedious, dark days
Pernicious, biting frost eating away at my skin
At the time I wanted nothing more then to see the sun again

And then I caught it, from the corner of my eye-green cropping up from unforgiving ice
I couldn’t believe my weary eyes
Valiant soldiers storming to a new day
And all I want now is for it to go away.

I thought I was ready for the storm to pass
To give up the endless days on the couch
Burning candles and falling asleep to the sound of howling wind
But I languish as I smell fresh air again.

Springs transition,
It all came too soon-I miss the dark of 4 in the afternoon
I miss the Sunday soup and blues
I miss my boots and sensible shoes.
So many sweaters never worn, so many scarves and cups of hot chocolate gone to waste

My comfortable routine, the depressing disposition- I have to shed it now
But I think I may have forgotten how

The author's comments:
I thought i was read for spring..

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