Tell me how to feel

March 20, 2011
Tell me how to feel
Go on-you know you want to.
I'm quiet, I must have nothing to say.
You take it upon yourself as
Your duty to society to 'help' me.
To force feed me your thoughts…
To torture me with your endless
Ignorant words while I fight to breathe
In my stone-cold rage.
I don't believe in God?
I'm going to burn in Hell-but wait
I can still decide to become
A hypocrite and revoke the sins
I haven't felt I've committed
If I want to take a field trip
With the rest of the class to visit the angels.
I'm a tall, blond, blue-eyed girl,
You've never seen me speak,
I have a habit of staring off into space?
I must have a low mental capacity-right?
Is that what you are trying to
Spell out for me with your
Kindergarten vocabulary and your painstakingly
Pepped up voice and perfect, perfect, personality
Did it ever occur to you,
That I have to constantly remind myself
To think at your subliminal level?
I become bored with your opinions,
As my mind strives to focus on your
Blurry face and self-involved world.
I don't need you and your
Inferiority complex brought on
By your obvious lack of confidence.
I already know that tearing your teeth
Into my fragile skin warms your blood
Making your cheeks go rouge,
And your fake self glow.
You think I don't see what you see?
I learned to hate the mirror,
Long before you-
I've always known the true me.
You haven't even seen what I can do.
Next time you tell me what I must be
Thinking, Feeling-who I am.
I might just choose to prove you right.
You've seen the venom dripping from my fangs…
All the losers have them nowdays.
You know I can bite.

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