March 20, 2011
By faerietalesdie SILVER, Riverside, California
faerietalesdie SILVER, Riverside, California
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Blue is for the flame
The color of your emotions,
The fire you never had.
Have you ever noticed
That as my eyes water,
My cheeks flush
You just grow colder.
My temper flares
My tiny voice roars
All the while,
You just frost yourself over
Too cold to touch,
It hurts too much to even
Breathe your scent in.
You save your words,
Hoarding them inside
For another place, another time.
When you do speak,
Your words cut past
My skin and muscle
To my stark white bones.
Is it better I wonder,
To be volatile,
Angry and emotional?
Or should I learn to live as you?
To freeze my heart, petrify it
To the point that it has forgotten
How to keep one
Warm—alive inside.
Maybe then we can be together--
As two stone cold beings
Because as I am now, flesh and blood
I can’t bear to look at you .
Much less to love you.
Will you ever thaw?
Not even for me?

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