The Flimeragink

March 20, 2011
By TessApril SILVER, Washougal, Washington
TessApril SILVER, Washougal, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"Only fools are enslaved by space and time."

There was a zoogle of Southenly mimilee-birds,

Flash-floating over the brash blinkityness,

Of the spondee king’s emphatical foot.

The uniquity of the parenthetical words,

Embracketed the pestal twatterin skies.

As fication would person so I did delisten

To the biggily songlet of twice-undoneness,

That kagobbled the rhymbus begotten inside,

Until magin and munder did gruntle the storm

And biffets of soul-shod blunderland monkies,

Frushed the frippery and gribbied the grumpin.

And thus the chiddly flimeragink was born.

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