The Darkness

March 17, 2011
By horsemasterk94 BRONZE, Fowlerville, Michigan
horsemasterk94 BRONZE, Fowlerville, Michigan
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My head is spinning…
Yet the gears are stuck.
Time keeps passing,
The routine the same.
Look at this world,
Take in the change.
Was that important?
Or that?
I cannot recall.
Blind to the world
And blind to myself.
What do I do?
Shall I keep it the same?
Living in darkness.
Swallowed by shame.
A monster maybe, a zombie or ghost.
Those fit the picture,
They’ll work just fine.
Maybe it’s all just a fake.
Figments of the mind.
A phase?
Yes, I like that.
A phase of darkness.
Light covered by the unknown.
Covered by things people hate to hear.
So now let’s put it away…
Maybe, just for a day.
Then back to the darkness.
At least until it goes away.
The scars are here,
The damage done.
I can’t predict the future.
But I can save myself,
I can save you…
So forward we must go.
Back to my shell
Yet behind the wall.
Slowly fading,
But I will not fall.

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