It got cold.

March 17, 2011
By Blacknailz BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
Blacknailz BRONZE, Island Lake, Illinois
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Suddenly it got cold
The leaves fell off
And snow appeared
The sky was taken over by clouds
Autumn had disappeared
The world seemed like it was at a stand still
As i walked down the path that had trees side by side
Everything was still
No one was around
No one cared to see
The single black bird sat on the roof of the church
The church i was headed down to
Death stood by its doors
Hanging its head down low
It had not wanted to come so early
But death had no part in this dead one
She was in the coffin waiting for another great task
I took his hand as he walked me into the church
He explained to me what had happen
It wasn't the war that killed me he started
But what the war didn't bring home
It wasn't the only reason I was dead
I wasn't the only reason I was dead
I was envy-ed
One of the seven deadly sins
I was hated
But someone had loved me
So I had thought
Until the day later his child and wife came running out of the house
I was the side
I was the one being wronged
He hadn't gotten what he wanted though
Only my heart
For his wife found out
And put it in a jar
The next mooring he awoke
He found it in a jar
He screamed and scrammed
But the deed had already been done

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