The Conception

March 24, 2011
By carlyangel44 BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
carlyangel44 BRONZE, Shelton, Connecticut
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Fast glances looking further,
Moments seem much longer,
Days pass by as months fly by,
Heart breaks occurs,
Feeling so outraged,
Expressions blurred from a distance,
Feeling of loneliness strikes up upon us,
Breaking free from those that distract you and I,
Knowing true pain as one falls in to the trap of guilt,
Talent strikes on a fragile mind,
But the one brave is brilliant with elegance,
Pure hearted pounds on one’s mind,
Creation of bright lights and gleaming stars,
But one of all who terrifies the eyes of imagination,
Fears the light of the dazzling future ahead,
Frustration from love to knowledge of the heart,
Caring so deep and so profound,
Guarding those that rip our mind with empathy,
Sense of affection for those who are dreadfully worn to shreds,
Production from those who know audacious ways of reacting,
Be yond perfection to standardization to demonstration,
Preparing those for never ending defections,
Redeeming those by self reflection,
Determination of defeating eager that takes our intelligence so that we know of,
Retaining from our addiction to acknowledging our differences,
To reflect on those who generate our achievements,
For a enhanced opportunity and never ending satisfaction until bereavement we shall reside

The author's comments:
This is a very emotional and very expressional poem.

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