Nothing lasts forever.

March 24, 2011
She was once a beautiful girl
golden hair
that bounced by her shoulders
every time she took a step.

When she walked by,
you could smell her
strawberry-banana perfume.
Her lips were shiny
and her eyes were ocean blue.

She would have many friends by her side,
boys would follow her around the hallways
asking for her number.

You could see her everywhere
with her gold jewelry
Clattering against each other,

she had everything you could ever wish for,
her family was rich,
she had many friends
and she was gorgeous.

She boasted about her beauty,
and how she had so many friends
who loved her.
She was a boorish girl
but she seemed so perfect,

Anyone would die to be her.

One day she walked along the hallway,
but her golden hair was dirty and uncombed.
dark circles were beneath her eyes,
her eyes looked red.
She reminded people of an albino.

She didn’t have perfume on,
and no friends were by her side.
Everyone ignored her
like she had never existed.

News had spread
like a drop of water vibrating a whole pond,
her parents had died in a car accident
and she didn’t have anything left.

She walked along
lonely and sad,
for all,
she had no real friends.

Nobody would die to be her anymore.

Be grateful for what you have,
don’t go showing off and pretending that you are perfect,
because you never now when those things
might disappear.

Once they leave you,
you will have nothing.
You’ll be alone
regretting all the boasting you did,
but it would be too late
because the past had already passed.

Nothing lasts forever.

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