save yourself

March 24, 2011
By , Killeen, TX
I'm not the type that would lie to you
only the type that would know to always trust and rely on you
I am like a rock; I can never break that easy
I will never give up I keep pushing it till I get to where I want to be....
you could never hurt me; you would never effect me
I am the preditor and you are my prey
I fight till I get what I want
I will last till I finally finished what I started...
I will never give up
you might think I am naive but I'm not I'm very optomistic
your words and threats don't make me scared with fear
they make me laugh because truely you are just patethic...
this time I cant save you
not to protect you
not to harm you
but to avoid you...
I am strong like a superhero
fast like a cheetah
smart to know my insticts about you were right all along
paper beats rock; rock beats scisorrs; scisorrs beats paper
but in this case I am none of the above
I am the fighter; who knows how to defend herself...
you in this case is the paper; thin and sleek
I will not save you
I save only myself
I don't give up
and I claim to keep it that way...
I am the beauty and you are the beast
other times you act like a ghost; not noticeable, alone, hurt, and defeated
all these voices in my head tell me I am doing wrong
when really I am doing right for whats right for me...
this time you wont be able to save me
I am the only person who could save myself
and you are the only person who could save yourself from yourself...

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