Graveyard Feelings

March 24, 2011
By DarkWolfLover BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
DarkWolfLover BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Have you ever walked through a graveyard?
so still,
so quiet,
so sad

Thinking of all the deaths,
looking at pale gravestones,
filled with words of great meaning

How would it feel to die?
does it feel like walking through a graveyard?
is it sad is it quiet?

You think there must be thousands,
billions of bodies buried beneath this cold ground

Some have flowers, but most are dead,
like the bodies in which the graves carriage quietly,

The life in which they once lived,
is long gone.
and now there is nothing more,
but their graveyard stones,
keeping their memories alive,
while they are not.

Now they rest in peace
never to awake,
but to be lay peacefully and unvisited.

The author's comments:
This peace came to me when my cousins Aeric and Reily died before even being born without my family to support me I would probably still be sobbing non-stop.

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