Why Should I Cry?

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

why should i cry when no one's there to listen to the pain that i've been given.Oh yeah did I forget to mention i'm alone in a mind detention from blinded intensions of suspension.Why should I cry when only one heart is involved in the emotional resolves that I conclude,and it's like my thoughts are glued to the sadness, the confusion,and the madness it hurts so much.Why should I cry when my tears are frozen like icebergs my life's splurred for no reasons.The season's change and yet Ifeeluntaimed with no remorse for ordainment.Why should I cry when all that I loved is not here no fear for death is the verdict i have reached, it can't be breached and i can't reframe it.Why should I cry, the questions has a simple answer...I shouldn't because my cries have evaporized in the flames of my own heart,in my soul...and in my own eyes.

The author's comments:
just some thoughts that i strung together lol.

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