March 24, 2011
By Nicholas McGill-Behr BRONZE, New City, New York
Nicholas McGill-Behr BRONZE, New City, New York
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Looking for meaning
In a world I thought to be shining and gleaming
Crying out silently
Hoping to be asked and answered

Looking for meaning
In the battlefield of mind and soul
Innocent and lost I am a newly born foal
Where to begin when there is no end in sight

Looking for meaning
It is an age old question
Incomprehensible therefore God we create
In order to cause Fear to ebb and dissipate

Looking for meaning
It has taken to long to find
The answer lays in the heart; not the mind,
For there have I found meaning.

Looking for meaning
His name is love
Always in my heart never from above
If I have always held the answer have I wasted time?
Life is in the pursuit not in the find.

I have found meaning
But I now must define
What and where is love
Does it lie in blood or faith perhaps?
It cannot be for both have led to hate
Love is common bonds of humanity
For we all share the same,
Emotions, thoughts and feelings, our power and our bane
To know man is man women is women
And to love each for who they are,
We shall need no law,
For Love shall be the Czar.

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