Innocents Lost

March 24, 2011
By Bubbleslovesyou101 SILVER, Westerlo, New York
Bubbleslovesyou101 SILVER, Westerlo, New York
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My life is as a book

Thirteen chapters have been inscribed in non-erasable ink

Pages flipped by

Day after day

But now

A new chapter is being written

A love story

A horror

The kidnapping of a heart

The murder of innocents

The beauty of growth

Growth together

Growth apart

A new breeze is blowing

Someone new is showing

I recognize parts of her

But others are unfamiliar

She’s brave, and strong

She’s right when its wrong

She cries when she’s happy

She smiles when she’s broken

She has courage I’ve never had before

She’s full of emotion

She doesn’t just love him

A passion for him burns deep iinside her

She isn’t only hurt by words

The cut into soul, and leave scares

But it also words that will help heal her
His words, his voice

No matter what happens

She knows he has him

Knows deep in her heart he’ll be there

She knows she can make it through anything in following chapters

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