Lead Me to the River

March 23, 2011
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Lead me to the river
So that I can take a drink,
And revive myself after these views of Earth I have seen.
Please show me the way to happiness, everlasting rays of sun,
Because war is amongst the ones I love.
Call me a wisher, but I cannot help but feel lost.
You are my light through the storm,
And the one who strengthens me to continue on.
As a blackbird, please just fly away,
It is just too much to ask to stay on top of this solid ground,
Or rock you to sleep when all you want to do is shout unrelenting cries.
Sing me the words of your silent and innocent song,
Flap your wings and unveil the truth that lives in your soul.
Bend down and get a sip of this fountain of grace,
Can you speak to me about the place where I found you?
Because If I ever wanted anything,
It would be for you to be able to fly and give me back the wings,
The ones that have stolen the smile that I have constantly seen,
To that of the figure sitting right next to me

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