Track Meet

March 23, 2011
Today's the day where I give it my all
No regrets don't think of the past
Finally get to the track several other schools thinking the same thing
First event lines up to win 
Boom goes the gun and off goes the fun
They sprint they sprint like there is no tomorrow
Trying to reach their destination faster than the others
Finally everyone crosses the line crowds are roaring with anger and excitement 
Time for your event 
Running 4x400meters
Your last leg runner
The fastest most relied on to push the team up
First person goes passes stick second person
Sweat is coming Down your forehead from a mixture of excitement and nerves
Finally the third person gets the stick
Still in last place but close to everyone else 
Ref place me on track in order what team is coming first shouting for team mate to SPRINT I get the stick 2 other teams ahead of me too late to try to catch up with 
I run I run
Run away from my fears run away from my bad day 
I never stop running 
I turn my last curve slowing down a bit but still in 3 place 
Finally my final straight 
I let out the beast 
I sprint with all my heart and soul 
I feel my legs giving in but I push
And finally near my finish line
I hear my  team screaming in supporters 
Finally I finished
3rd place!!
Sweat drips down my face 
I did it!
I ran from my fears!
But faced them head on at same time
I did it…
I gave it my all maybe im not first
But heck I'm not last!
I gave it my best.

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SilentNinja This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 23, 2013 at 6:33 pm
I do track and this is exactly how I feel :) nice job, keep writing :)
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