I Am Still Me

March 23, 2011
By Rose812 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Rose812 BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I am still me, oh my young self
can you tell?
do i care anymore
for finely brushed hair, neatly done in a perfect pony?
do i care anymore now, then i did in the days
when my straight hair
frizzled into a glorious halo
o, my faithful friends
were all boys
long gone
now, when all among me
my friends,
all girls now,
not that it matters
long for boyfriends?
i myself
have none.
are you proud, now?
i would run
through the cold air
as it burns my throat
in the cold touch of the iron jungle gym
run, me?
i, sing?
you did
you, whose deepest, darkest secret
i recall confiding it, once, was that
your favorite movie
it was Star Wars
the third one, to be exact
not so different, now
isn't it strange?
how old sci-fi movies
tie past and present and future

The author's comments:
aging and changing

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