Heavy Layed Crown

March 23, 2011
Today along with many days you doubt the person you are, the person you’re supposed to be

Heavy lies the crown upon you, its weight so heavy it seems impossible to stand tall. Darling I wonder how you do it
I hope you know how strong you are

You’re full of compassion
You’re full of everything that’s true

The mistakes you make and the helplessness you feel overpowers you
The feelings you have of never being good enough
Although you have problems, I’ve never seen you ignore them
You want to fix the harm that has been caused
Your compassion is unbelievable
My heart tries to retain all of it, but everyday it seems to overflow with it

Although I try to explain to you the truth I see
How your imperfections still see flawless to me
I know you disagree, you put yourself down
I just won’t let you
I can’t
How could I lie to you and tell you its ok to feel that way?

Today along with many days you carry around a heart as heavy as wood
You possess all the care in the world, and the patience of eternity.
The heavy heart lies upon you, its weight so heavy it seems impossible to just dismiss the pain
Darling I wonder how I got so lucky
I hope you know what a wonderful person you are, even if you feel like your not

You feel pain and you hold it up inside because you don’t want to hurt others around you, you don’t want anyone to feel the way you do
You want to leave
You want to be free of your ever going patience
It’s not fair you say
And I know love, it really isn’t
If only I could make it fair

I’m not sure the time or distance matters. Those miles between us just make my care and love travel to you.
Just like the ocean, I can’t control nor warp any love I have for you
Laid out plain and simple, my love is raw
So when problems occur I will be here
Today along with many days I’ll stay stable

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DoYouRemember said...
Jun. 21, 2012 at 3:49 pm
I love this♥ Been on both ends of situations like this and the way you layed it out here screams what I've felt and thought. Beautiful :)
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