A True Princess

March 26, 2011
By acrainford BRONZE, Montebello, New York
acrainford BRONZE, Montebello, New York
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Go Big or Go Home!

I wish I could live like a princess.
I wish I could live like Snow White,
Sleeping Beauty,
Belle, or
I wish I had friends that cared about me, like Snow White.
I wish I had the power to stand up and love people that are different than me, like Pocahontas.
I wish I could value life and other things, like Sleeping Beauty.
I wish I could travel to different places, like Arielle.
I wish I had drive and determination, like Tiana.
I wish I had luck, hope, and faith, like Cinderella.
I wish I could look past people’s faults and appreciate people for who they really are, like Jasmine.
I wish I could change lives, like Belle.
I wish I had strength and courage, like Mulan.
I dream of being a princess, but not just a pretty, rich girl who lives in a castle.
I dream of being a princess that not only everyone looks up to but,
Everybody wants to be.

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