The Shadow That Haunts

March 26, 2011
By SnowyowlE44 GOLD, West Chester, Ohio
SnowyowlE44 GOLD, West Chester, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
" People will believe a lie, either because they want to believe it is true or because they are afraid it might be."- Wizard's First Rule

Sweetness I wish I
could have,
But it alludes
as always.

A peace I want
and wish for but
is still yet off,
why me, I
ask, I wish for
it but can’t
ever reach it.

I want to
go for so many reasons,
but something always
stops me. Why
can’t I find a
way? Why God,
could you not give me
this? I don’t know if it is
right, but I want a release
I can never have.

I want to,
I need to, should, could, but
I can never complete it.
I always find a
small, little reason
to stay, Even if
it is the staying
that kills me.

To many things
bind me ,to this
world that I can
not complete this
task. So
many would hurt, that had done
No wrong
to me,
It would be only
a selfish task once
done, but for this
release, I wonder…

It seems to me not
a task done of selfishness,
but one done of a need
that only others of a like mind
understand. The people may see it as a coward’s
act, but think of all the
strength it takes to complete.

I know many would
hurt, but maybe someday
they shall see just why
it is there are so
many of this
like mind,
but many still keep
To find a happier life
and to help hold others up
when they Fall.

The author's comments:
I hope this is a poem that will help people see a way to keep going in these time, but I want people to know you have to keep going and only remember the happy times in life. You are an important person even if you only think you help hold up a few people, more people than you know are affected by your decisions.

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