March 26, 2011
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What is time?
Time is...nothing
Time is...everything
Time is something
That flies at the speed of...
Time is ancient
Time is constant
Time is always new
Time is always the same
Yet it can drag at the ankles
Of those who cannot wait
Time is always
A thing that we count
On and up
Time is forever
Time is never
Time is a concept
That makes no sense
When did time begin?

Time makes us old
Time makes us weary
Time makes us change
Time changes our opinions
Or thoughts, our beliefs
Time tears away our love
Time rebuilds us
Time can take its time
Time can speed away
Time is slow
When time is fast
Time is different
Time is...
Well, we all know what time is
Time changes
Time is on a watch
Time is on a clock
Time is watched
Time is lovely
Time is terrible
Well, time has many definitions
Time is a day,
Time is an hour
Time is never now
Because now has just passed
Time is confusing
Time is understandable
Time is wasted
Time is saved
Time can wait forever
But that is a long time
Time has numbers
Time can't be measured
Time is delayed
Time is needed
Time is short
Unless time is long
Time is of the essence
Time is everywhere
Time is not
Time can steal things
When kept out too late
Time is precious
Time is pointless
Time is extensive
Time is reasons
Time began...
Forever ago
Time cannot be tracked
Time is tracked anywho
Time is dire health for us
When time is what kills...
What is time?
Time is...nothing
But time is everything

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