All-American Hero

March 26, 2011
Distraught, enraged-
That’s how you make me feel.
Did you know that?
I think you know that.
Love, heart-
That’s what you seem to not possess.
Did you know that?
I think you enjoy that.
That which makes a human
That’s what I see you destroy in men.
Did you know that?
I think you strive for that.
You got up in front of that crowd
And you lied to the world
From an electric screen.
You smile from underneath
That banner of stars and stripes
And you inflate that overblown American pride.
You make me sick, I want to retch
As you live a life of luxury
While brave men go and die.
This so-called “progress”
Is gaining us zero
And you are behind it all,
You All-American “Hero”

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