Who I Am

March 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Tryna open my eyes and see,
how beautiful I am,
what God really sees,
I always use to put myself down,
listening to what people said,
I always had a frown,
at nights I use to cry myself to sleep,
at first I didn't have any friends,
I had nobody but me,
I tried my best to fit in so people would accept me,
but yet I knew this wasn't me,
people just didn't get me,
I've tried and tried to copy they style,
I even tried to copy the words coming out their mouths,
like I said earlier, "this isn't me",
I should be my own self,
but it's so hard for me,
everyday I wake up, I try to smile,
but as soon as I step out into the world,
my smile goes upside down,
trying to accept myself for who I really am,
tired of tryna fit in because,
this is who I am

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this piece was that some people in this world try so hard to fit in with other people just because their not happy with themselves.

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