Never Understood Her

March 28, 2011
I never quite understood her
Black hair
Blue eyes
Always covering up her lies
Some people called her Emo
when others just said scene
But you can't just label people
Especially girls like her
People called her different
laughed behind her back
But I didn't
Was it out of morals?
Or curiosity. . . ?
She was shy
and reserved
and all the guys
knew she had curves
and fawned over her like she was selling herself
Contrary to popular belief
She wasn't
and she was. . .
Just 'cuz she's a Juvie
and just 'cuz she's not bright
didn't mean that people
had to put up that fight
Although i'll never understand
fully her condition, i still never
with all my heart
she'll always stop to listen

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