March 28, 2011
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The walls are painted crimson
The lamp flickers and fades
The darkness outweighs the light
The days grow longer
My skin grows pale and
Stretches across my bones
Escape is imminent, but only
In my mind

Holding on, just for the thought
Maybe the neverending days will end
Whether through judgment, through trial
Through death or disease
Whatever the world brings
Escape must be better
Solitude traps me in my deluded mind
No one around to dilute the thoughts

To love is to feel but to know is to fear
And I know far too much
They only feel, they only think
But I know, I know
Solitude poisons the mind
Extends the paranoia
The game has been played
The winner has been announced

I played to my strengths, I came out ahead
But still I'm not the winner
I gave my heart, I sold my soul
To win, but I lost
I fell into the chasm
Lost in my own solitude
Waiting for someone to save me
Someone who I have wronged

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