Know These Bones

March 28, 2011
By Lauren.H. GOLD, Lambertville, Michigan
Lauren.H. GOLD, Lambertville, Michigan
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Know these bones
when I show these bones,
filled with prideful marrow.

This spine protrudes to prove its existence,
and these shoulder blades will slice resistance.
These ribs create a ladder to climb
and a protective cage to lock.
These collarbones are to pop.

These swollen knuckles knock on wood,
and these elbows gouge when intentions are misunderstood.
These hips rock steady,
unafraid to show their girth,
unafraid to declare that they will never give birth.

These teeth are bared as I bare my soul,
and with the lack of time,
these fingers will tap in a roll.
These cheeks are high, mighty, and dry,
and this profile could be carried by no other who tries.

Know these bones
when I show these bones.
They build up my all.
These bones know me to a T,
these bones hold up my fall.

Know these bones
when I show these bones.
These bones have never broken,
and they will never break.

The author's comments:
I wanted to continue with the theme of celebrating who I am through metaphors, like I used for "Lick," and I decided to play off of the old "sticks and stones may break my bones" saying. However, instead of making my bones the only part of me that breaks, I wanted show how much stronger my bones are than words and hardships.

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