In The Moonlight (Love's Curse)

March 23, 2011
By SceneRcoker BRONZE, Shelbyville, Indiana
SceneRcoker BRONZE, Shelbyville, Indiana
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Standing at his window
He looks out into the horizon
He’s surprised by what he sees
A girl standing alone

She looks so beautiful
Like an angel trapped among the mortals
All alone
She is all alone

Slowly she turns and faces him
Even through the many miles separating them
He knows
He just knows that she is looking at him

Then just as slowly
She turns away from him
Moving silently into the darkness
Form which she must have came

He doesn’t know what to do
He wants her to stay
He wants her to be in his arms
Where he knows she belongs

He turns around
Looking around his room
He needs something
He needs something sharp

He finds what he needs
A razor
A single, simple razor
So innocent looking
With its simple sheen
A small glint in the moonlight

He takes the point of the razor
He holds it against his arm
And presses it into his skin
He winces at the pain
But continues to carve the letter I
Into his arm


She begins to feel a tingle in her arm
She looks down slowly
And sees a letter being carved into her arm
When it’s done
There is a scarred letter I
Carved into her skin


Slowly he looks down at his bleeding skin
He presses that simple razor
Against his again
And carves the letter L
He winces at the great pain

Blood starts to flow from his cuts
And tears fall from his eyes
Soon they mix together on his arm
To form a strange burgundy color


She looks and sees her skin
Her once perfect skin
Changing once again
As the letter L is carved into her arm next to the I

She doesn’t know what’s happening
She doesn’t know why
Her heart races
And tears begin to fall


He looks down at his arm
Without hesitation he holds the razor against it
One last time
He carves the letter Y into his arm

Blood is pouring profusely now
He knows he doesn’t have long
But he doesn’t care

His vision begins to blur
And a small smile beings to form on his lips
He falls backwards
Onto his bed
His eyes remain open and unseeing
As his soul leaves this world


She screams in agony
In pain as another letter begins to form
The letter Y forms on her once perfect skin

The world around her begins to spin slowly
Gaining speed as it goes along
She doesn’t know what’s going on
But she’s afraid it’s her time
Time for her to go
She falls onto the ground
Her eyes rolling back into her head
And she passes
Her soul leaves her


A few days later
Everything seemed normal
But there was a news report
Two suicides happened within minutes of each other

A boy
Died of blood loss
Through self inflicted injuries
The word ILY on his arm

A girl
Dies of unknown reasons
ILY carved into her arm
But her death was strange
Her heart just stopped……

The author's comments:
This poem is kind of gruesome I suppose, but it comes from the heart.

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