Rain and Man

March 23, 2011
By galaxion2 BRONZE, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
galaxion2 BRONZE, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania
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The rain. It comes,
To soak the earth.
Droplets of water,
Clear and wet,
Splashing silently,
Onto warm, dry,
Nourishing the Earth,
Like milk to a baby,
Rain is a beautiful thing.
Plip-plip. Plop-plop.

Man comes.
He releases,
A vile concoction.
Into the air it climbs,
Like a spider up its web,
Slowly working its way,
Up into the clouds. Poisoning,
The rain and everything around it.
Hiss-hiss. Sizzle-sizzle.

Rain comes again.
But this time, it is,
An infection, smothering, killing,
All it touches. The acid rain,
Burns, sizzles, destroys.

What was once,
So beautiful,
Has now become,
A ravaging beast.
Rain is a horrible thing.
Plip-plip. Hiss-hiss. Plop-plop. Sizzle-sizzle.

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