The Mask

March 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I am the pop singer,
I am the actor,
I am the songwriter,
I am the mask.

I am the opera singer,
I am the famous dancer,
I am the well-known artist,
I am the mask.

I am the clown at the circus,
I am the ringmaster,
I am the scientist that won the Nobel Prize,
I am the mask.

The make-up,
The costumes,
The things made by me,
But I am just a mask.

They don’t know,
I really am just like them,
But they can’t see the real me,
I am just a mask.

The author's comments:
Who are the real people behind the idolized figures on TV? Would people see the real me if I was a famous person? What do the paparazzi make these famous people?

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