Without You

March 23, 2011
By shandelarenve SILVER, Buffalo, Texas
shandelarenve SILVER, Buffalo, Texas
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Can't you just say it's fine?
I'll give anything to make you mine.
I've been talking, and I've been trying.
But, you don't get the hints; Now I'm crying.
Your sweet, your too kind;
A person like you, they're hard to find.
You touch my hands, and I tremble;
Best friends, are what you and I resemble.
The date I go back to is the first of the year;
Back when you were always here.
Now, where have you been?
Your my sickness, my sin.
I can feel you within, the depths of my skin;
Please come back, let's start again.
No, do not;
That would hurt me inside, more than a lot.

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