An Endless Conversation, With Me

March 25, 2011
By RAVER SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
RAVER SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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Me, myself, and I, lost in the midst of time, floating o the sea of life!!!

As I sit in my bubble,
I begin talking,
Talking to myself,

I yell and I scream!!!
But it’s no use,
No one can hear me,
There are people all around me,
But no one can hear my cry for help,
No one is willing,
Willing to go the extra mile,
The extra mile to help me,

As the sun falls,
And light turns to dark,
And the crowd around me starts to fade away;
With me,
Still in my bubble,
My own,
Sad, lonely world,
I am trapped,
Trapped with no way out,
I scream for help,
I beg,
And I pleed,
For some one to come save me,
But it’s just a wish,
Just a dream,
Which, you and I both know,
Will never come true,

I just wish,
I wish there was some one out there,
Someone that can hear me,
Some one that can help me out of this terrible place I’m in,
But nothing,
Not a person in sight,
So I sit there,
I sit in my bubble,
Iscolated from the rest of the world,
With no one there with me,
No one to help me win the battles I face day by day,
No one,
But me,

I’m talking to myself,
For, I am the only one who seems to listen to me,,,

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