Twisted Logic; Black and White Romance

March 21, 2011
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My tonight,
became your tomorrow,
A sunrise between us,
one filled with sorrow.

As my hello,
remembered your face,
your goodbye,
lost its embrace.

I figured when seagulls
swam in blue ocean,
fish would fly high,
to get lost in the motion.

As some sort of traitor,
gravity defies.
Twisted logic reasons--
contradicting lies.
A dream to be forgiven,
a nightmare to be saved.
A backwards way of thinking,
a forward way now caved.

Love not soon forgotten,
two hearts will become one.
Their tears will show their sadness,
their laughter shows they've won.

To somehow fade out color,
to drain the blues and greens.
A Black and White Romance,
a connection bound and clean.

A want to be together,
a love to conquer all.
Emotion interrupted,
both took a similar fall.

His arms hold on protecting,
her fragile form his lure,
Her heartfelt gaze upon him,
her kisses provide his cure.
Relation of things uncertain,
separation her worst fear.
His want to spend forever,
with her the one so dear...

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