Call it Honesty

March 10, 2011
By cellogirl GOLD, San Diego, California
cellogirl GOLD, San Diego, California
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Now honesty
Honesty is truth, even when you know
It pains
Honesty is showing how
You truly care
And how reality
Comes before the toughest things
Words can say
But you, you don’t know honesty
Sharp words and biting remarks
Scratch at already raw
Sisters we are
Maybe not by blood
Or definition
But by everything that matters
Then corner me
Words like daggers
Stabbing to the heart
Because you, you yourself were hurt
Lash out your pain
Shoulder it off
My fault?
Then call it honesty
I’m sorry that boy
Couldn’t see
What you truly are
But stings and cries
You lose all
Have left
You call it honesty
I would have thought
That you, you would know
Where honesty
Truly lies
Beauty cannot be defined
Strength or wisdom either
Honesty is an indefinable
As well
But we both know
It lies in the heart
And yours is
Slide under the blanket of
And say that
It was never your fault
Make it mine instead
I understand
But let’s not call it

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