Texas is my Gallifrey

April 8, 2011
The smell of cedar calls
to awaken one in a morning breeze;
we brace ourselves for the ambiguity
of what in the day we may seize.

The sky glows a burnt orange,
As the hills stand tall and alone.
Running through the grassy fields
I hear nature play my overture; its tones.

So much space for thought, for ideals,
For cherished memories of ancient days:
Loving and laughing with each other,
Being careless as we dance in the sun's rays.

Then the eyes open up;
I see what has haunted me endlessly.
I'm trapped, with my consciousness seeking me.
My mind tears at me horrendously.

I can't breathe;
I can't breathe.
There are visions of losing complete control,
So I take it now I must leave.

There will exist a place
with mountainsides stained of red grass.
Gleaming citadels encased in a glass dome,
reserving a place for me where time dare not pass.

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