Falling into Fossils MAG

April 20, 2011
By Sara Brewer BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Sara Brewer BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Parachuting from the sky,
funneling downward,
falling back into you
and the fossils between us.

Unearthing the half-buried bones
from the dust and the dirt we reluctantly
showered over them.

Polish and shine them up,
pretend like nothing happened.

The glory of the bones
is now dimmed.
Shining white brilliance
reduced to a duller color.
Either from my nervousness,
your brief moment of panic,
or the amount of time
the fossils spent in the earth
wondering what would
become of them.
Trapped in the dust
lingering, waiting.

I tried saving them alone,
digging through miles of stone,
but I can’t have them.
Not without you.

You came to me
and now we’re back
to the start again,
just like when the fossils
made their first imprint
against the earth.

Now all I want is to stay falling,
into you, into us
and not have to buy
any more fossils that
I want to keep.

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unclebuck said...
on May. 3 2011 at 7:06 pm
I relly enjoyed it

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