If only. . .

March 23, 2011
By Marvin BRONZE, Queens, New York
Marvin BRONZE, Queens, New York
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"Always look forward to happiness, never look back at your decitions because regrets only hold you down"

if only i had known, what was coming through,
after all this years that our friendship grew,
if only i knew that a tragedy was close, and im sad to remember that my life i owe you,
problems we faced together were a lot and our fights were only a few,
if only i was a better friend,
if only alone myself i could defend,
but i cant change what its already done, i'll do what you told me, i'll look forward and smile at my fears,
thank you my friend for all the advises and cheers.
but if only i wasnt sad and consumed by the agony of your good-bye,
i would not feel guilty and i wouldnt cry,
if only i had for sure that your soul to heaven will fly,
i know i promessed not to weep but soon enough my tears will dry
if only life wasnt cruel,
and i wasnt such fool,
my heart would still be in one piece,
well this is the end of my poem my freind, i wish you reach heaven so rest in peace.

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