Just Lost

March 23, 2011
By SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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I've gained alot
but I've lost much more
and I cant find what I've lost
because its gone forever
only to be known as memories
that throws off my
psychological symmetry
because I try to hold on
to what's here
or I act like I dont care
as if losing people isn't a fear
At the same time I wonder
what happens
when Ibecome lost
when I can no longer go on
and my body
becomes cold as frost
And hopefully I'm not lost to a homicide
cause then my soul aint gone be at peace
and i'm gone have to ghostride

But other than lives lost
I have lost alot of time
focusing on the past
and wandering the world
but now I have to find out who i am
before I lose that too
and become generic as spam
and now I think of what is to be lost in the future
yet i remain to hope for what I'll gain
Then also the fact of what I'll give
I might end up losing my life
so another can live
but I'm ok with that
cause one of life's truest facts
is that everyone has to go
we all gonna get our frog on
and croak
but if you save a person
they won't be the same
because they'll get what you
would've gained
Its hard to explain
but basically its true
But my mind is kinda lost in this.
how about you?

To conclude
to all i lost
i really miss you
whether we bearly knew eachother
or we were close
I'll meet up with yall one day
in the land of the ghost.

The author's comments:
I've lost a lot. I've gained some too

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