I Miss You/ I Love You

March 23, 2011
By SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
SuperiorForce GOLD, Kansas City, Missouri
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I walk through these halls expecting to see your face
but no
All i have is this empty space
you're not gonna be in the same place
in result i take a change in pace
I miss you
but your not here with me
and it makes me feel guilty
like i could've prevented it all
but no
just no
this isn't a nightmare though
but it stil makes me scared
to think of not seeing you in school
to me its a bunch of bull......
but we'll work it out
thats why I dont let it get me down
i shed tears and i dont frown
because crying over spilt milk
isn't too smart
so i think of how a solution will start
I'm gonna miss not seeing you in school
But I love you
So I'm gonna try to see you everywhere else
Because in the end LOVE conquers all
The world is my hall now
and i wanna show you every inch of it

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