Heart of a Maze

March 23, 2011
By lkindle03 SILVER, Texarkana, Texas
lkindle03 SILVER, Texarkana, Texas
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I'm tangled up in your love,

i can't find a way out,

there's barbed wire on my heart,

our love is like a maze.

The wires are pulling my heart tighter,

there's no way to end this love,

my heart beats are full of pain,

yet you don't even notice.

I'm just a face in the crowd,

how do i untangle myself,

my heart is full of love,

i ache when i see you.

My heart feels like its on fire,

My minds confused,

my stomach has butterflies,

yet you don't notice.

so i sit here alone,

my hears is barbed wired,

full of a maze,

with no way out.

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