Summer is my time

March 23, 2011
By kage123 BRONZE, Killeen, Texas
kage123 BRONZE, Killeen, Texas
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Summer is my time

laying upon the warm soft sand at the beach as the hot sun lights upon my body as i lay

hearing the kids laugh and play as they run around playing tag

watching the sun set

watching the birds fight over food as i throw it to them

feeling the wind blow through my body whispering secrets in my ear

jumping into the water; diving into the cool water as my tense body relaxes with joy...

listening to family and friends laughter as it makes me smile

mesmerizing myself as a little girl going to the lake for the first time terrified and excited at the same time

learning how to swim from my grandmother;

lifting my small body in the water floating on the water like a feather; light and graceful as a swan

seeing myself in the water trying to catch the guppies as they swam fast with the school of fish; getting aggravated at the fish because they wouldn't stay still as i tried to catch them...

Listening to my mother calling my name, "Kimberly" to get out of the water because it was time to go home

looking back at the water waving my small tiny hands to the lake saying "goodbye" with my little girl voice;

going home again wishing i was at the lake again, knowing how much fun I've just had;

Looking up at the stars at night time as i see a shooting star zoom across the night sky as I smile myself to sleep....

Summer is my time

where i could have fun;relax;

go the beach/lake with my family remembering the good times I've had as a little girl I once was....

Whenever you need me

Whenever you want me,

You know you can call me, I’ll be there shortly

Don’t care what your friends say, cause they dont know me

I can be your best friend, and you be my homie

I aint gonna flex, I’m not gonna front

You know if I ball, then we all gonna stunt

Send her my way, she aint gotta hold up

Summer is my time...

The author's comments:
my past, my present, and my future

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