Where i'm from

March 23, 2011
By thuggin4lyfe BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
thuggin4lyfe BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Where I’m from
I’m From Rugrats and SpongeBob,
I’m from home cooked meals and a happy family
I’m from the new generation where everything’s
Handed to me.

I’m from grandma’s homemade chocolate
Chip cookies, fresh out the oven warm;

I’m from the suburbs
I’m from neighborhood parties and
Carefree living.

I’m from when Britany Spears was a Musician not an
I’m from everything electronic, what was it like without the internet?

I’m from the freezing morning where you can see your breath and the brisk
Colorado Sunrise.
I’m from t-shirts and short shorts
Playing soccer with my friends
During the warm
Colorado Sunset.
As the sunset is hiding behind the mountains descending into another world,
I think about everything
This is where I’m from!

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