The Thing On the Other Side

March 23, 2011
By Brookeieb BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
Brookeieb BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Through the darkness she couldn’t see
Only a small flickering street lighdimng her way

Closer and closer she came
As she thought of what might be at the other end of the light.
Fear struck through her.
Grasping her emotions
And her mind whirling in terrier
All of her memories came back to her.

She came closer and closer
To the thing on the other side

A little house she once lived it
Stood before her.

She looked to the moon
Then to the small flickering street light.
Then felt the key around her neck
That she had kept for all these years.
And she knew this is where she belonged.

This is where she wanted to take her final breath.
She opened the door, with a twist of her little key.

It opened and welcomed her as if she was just coming home again from a long trip.
She laid on the unfamiliar bed
And she went to sleep.

The author's comments:
Inspired by T.S Eliot's "Phapsody on a Windy Night"

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