March 22, 2011
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You see the muscle-bound Jocks going through the
Hallway. Many people envy their mass, their ability to,
“Crush stuff just by lookin’ at it.” But I see things in
Emotional, Physical and Mental strength, and the Jocks’ most important
Muscle lacks the nourishment it needs to survive.

My friend, she has determination, she can be kind—and malicious—at any time.
She isn’t heartless; she’s using her problems to fuel her Strength.
A friend of hers left her to rot.
She’s distraught.
Her Strength’s weakened, She’s a hollow shell
Of her former self.

A second ally’s talent is artistic, organized.
Her writings and mine work together, working
To expose a Second World. Her strengths
Stay in place, and, as they’re not noticed,
They give an even greater Impact each day.

My own power—fueling others, yet
Siphoning them off to create my own. My anger-fueled friend, I take her Hardships.
I change them into Greatness.
My organized colleague, sending me Writings and Self-Worth.
My powers create Art and Conversation.
My artistic abilities, music, literary, taking the road with fewer steps.
I use these—the most unorthodox powers—And make Hope.
Synchronized, they work together,
To create a determined, organized, beautiful being.
We all have strengths and powers.
It just takes the power of finding them.

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converse-sneaker said...
May 31, 2011 at 8:37 am
This is just beautifully written. The words seemed to prod something deep inside me and I found myself feeling... Emotional.
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