Let Go

March 22, 2011
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Why are you so scared
Why are you so afraid
Why don’t you go away from this evil place
This place that brings you down
That makes you drown in your own tears
Why don’t you just go
And get out of here
No one is holding you back
Just take your past and run away
Leave all your problems and let them sway
Just hop and hope
And don’t look through the scope
For if you do, you might just stay
And never get away
Oh I understand now
I understand why
Why you were scared
Why you had all the scars
It’s because you don’t want to leave your loved ones behind
You don’t want to forget
You don’t want to go back
They are helping you
They are the ones holding you back
I understand now
Don’t you worry, just let me take all you sorrow
Or you’ll never make your tomorrow
If you keep it all locked inside
If you keep on trying to hide
You will never see
See what it means
To be someone new
And not be so blue
Because you have to make yourself you
I know you love them
I know you care
But they know what is out there
If you don’t try
And swallow your pride
You will never know what is in a swirl
What it sees to travel the world
To make your path
Is no easy task
You must learn one thing
On thing in deed
And what you need to know
Is how to Let Go

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