Aren't you proud?

March 21, 2011
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Dear Father,

I have been working hard at school
And cleaning up around the house
Doing my best is all I will do
Aren’t you proud?

I am outside everyday
Filling the furnace and chopping wood
My muscles are getting bigger in every way
Aren’t you proud?

At lunch I go inside
I’ve been working on my cooking skills
I make for the family because I have always tried my best for them
Aren’t you proud?

I finish schoolwork for the day
I go outside to split more wood
It keeps the house hot and that’s all for today
Aren’t you proud?

Mom is crying
She can’t pay the bills
She can’t deal with your lying
Aren’t you proud?

You abandoned us
I am fourteen
The girls are seventeen
Aren’t you proud?

So I work any way I can
To help my family continue to stand
You were supposed to do this and be a man
Aren’t you proud?


The one who can’t stand to be called you son.

P.S.- Aren’t you proud?

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