March 21, 2011
A frozen lake is like a fork in a road,
there's no dipping of feet,
just a dive and a wish that the ice is thin.
If one's head is to rebound against it or break through is a matter of faith.
Low self-esteem can lead to a concussion and a broken nose,
but immersion in lake water can surely thaw an icy mind.
Where do the ducks go when it is frozen solid?
Do they fly home, or is the lake they left, home?
And if the lake is half-frozen,
do i lose half of my mind,
all of my mind,
or do i bring it all elsewhere?
These questions plague me like ice on the pure water of brain waves.
Ice, like corruption, fills the victims' brains with sayings and it repeats it until it's ingrained in their brain and they fade from sane to insane.
Insanity, caused by profanity, that damages the thoughts of all humanity, all of this is calamity.
Those sane burn the pherices.
Ice holds clarity.
So i pray that i break through.

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