Midnight Screams

March 20, 2011
By AllyAngels BRONZE, Murrysville, Pennsylvania
AllyAngels BRONZE, Murrysville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
You may never remember who I am, or what you said to me, but I will Always remember how you broke my heart. </3

Screeching at night,
My heart burning with fright,
The pain is so clear,
But I can't shed one tear,?
My mouth opens in silent screams,
I feel like I'm in one of my dreams,
Reality starts to blur,
I can't know for sure,
My chest burns like a match,
It rips at the patch,
I had sewn over it,
It leaks with every anguishing fit,
When I can't control it anymore,
I just fall to the floor,
All the emotion has fled,
And I lay as good as dead.

The author's comments:
In the middle of the night I used to wake up to this sort of pain. I would cry, but no actual sound ever escaped my lips. I had nightmares of this guy I liked dying, like I saw his corpse. It scared me so I wrote this. I could never tell my friends why i was so tired in the morning cause they always laughed. Other kids to see what some people go through. They may not laugh next time.

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