Two Worlds

March 20, 2011
By xxbrittxx498 BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
xxbrittxx498 BRONZE, Ozone Park, New York
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Brows furrowed at the television screen.
Expression that of disgust
As your team strikes out.
You curse and wave your fist in anger.
You live in a world that is not mine.

Fingers crossed in anticipation,
Teachers hand out grades.
I worry that my marks
Are not up to my standards.
I live in a world that is not yours.

Two worlds in one household.
Two ways of thinking, talking,
Two ways of saying ‘hello’ and
Making a sandwich.
Coexistence is difficult.

Our worlds often blend inevitably.
A shared taste in music, in puzzles.
A shared feeling that we are always right.
A shared bathroom.
Coexistence is natural.

Your world is by your rules.
My world, by mine.
But our world are intricately woven,
And the lines between worlds blur.
So whose rules do we go by?

The author's comments:
My dad and I have a difficult relationship, and I wanted to try and sum it all up. I welcome all constuctive criticism.

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